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Published: 20th January 2010
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Scentsy has been in the direct sales Business for 5 years now. Founded in 2004 on a simple sheep farm in Idaho Scentsy has achieved remarkable growth. With 50,000 Scentsy consultants operating in the United States, Guam, Canada and Puerto Rico. Scentsy has proven itself on the market but does it have what it takes to be the business opportunity of choice for the individual?

Company Overview

Founded in 2004 in Idaho Scentsy is a manufacturer and distributor of wickless scented candles. They say that their motivation for their Scentsy products was to provide a safer alternative to burning candles, which are more risky for the household.

Scentsy has grown exponentially in the 5 years that it has been operating and now spans multiple countries.

Their success is due to their product line, which is scented wickless candles. This gives Scentsy a market advantage and their growth clearly demonstrates this.

Scentsy Products

Scentsy's product lines are based around their candles. Their candles are unique because they are flameless, which means they don't make a mess, are safer and are fragranced.

below are a brief list of some Scentsy products:

Scentsy Bars

Scentsy Bricks

Car Candles

Travel Tins


Plug-in Warmers

Most people like these products because they provide a pleasant fragrance without having to use a spray loaded with chemicals or not having to worry about a burning candle that will make a mess that would have to be cleaned up is a great advantage of these products.

How You Get Paid

Joining Scentsy is easy and low cost. just $99 plus tax and you get your very own starter kit. You even get your own website free for the first 3 months and then it's $10 a month thereafter.

This is an MLM Company so the usual principles apply, you get paid for selling Scentsy and you get paid for recruiting. You also get commissions for products sold by your team.


Scentsy, for better or for worse has attracted a loyal customer base that will buy the flameless candles.

They've found their market and have dominated by providing value with quality products. The power of the brand is there but if you want financial freedom there will have to be an extra effort from you.

Have you ever wondered why 97% of people never make it in network marketing? It's because they don't have a system that can be duplicated.

Scentsy have a system that helps them build up their Scentsy Consultant army which puts the company value into the marketplace. The system works great but is built for them and you will not duplicate it no matter how many parties you hold.

If you want to make it in this company you will need a system that plugs you first and your company later. A system that generates leads and prospects for for you on autopilot.

My name is Anam Uddin and I've researched the Scentsy business and the products are great. If you want to excel in this business you'll have to have a lean, mean prospecting machine and a kick-ass sales funnel that will work for you 24/7. Learn more at:

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