Empowerism-To Join Or Not To Join

Published: 19th March 2010
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Thanks for clicking my Empowerism review, I hope you find it helpful and insightful. Now let's get into the review.

Empowerism is the brainchild of Janet Wilson CEO of Life, Education and Prosperity Inc.
Empowerism has been around for quite a while now and seems they do quite well, so we can discount the Empowerism scam, there are pyramid schemes abound on the internet and the real world and this company clearly does not belong on this list.

On the corporate website you have 2 top marketers giving their testimonials-Stone Evans
and Ewen Chia. Stone evans uses promotes this company on his Plug in Profit site.This was definitely worth checking out if these 2 online powerhouses were confident enough to lay their reputations on the line.

What Is Empowerism?

Empowerism is basically a business opportunity that has all the trappings of an "internet business in a box".

Empowerism is platform, which provides education for the masses on the topic of internet marketing, as well as set of professional SEO tools and video marketing training in its tool box.

Empowerism also has a physical product, a magazine called 'Excellence', where you can read information on the very latest internet marketing strategies, principle of success and great business advice each month.

How Much Does It Cost?

Empowerism is surprisingly affordable, it costs just $29.95 to join and drops down to just $19.95 after the first month.

Empowerism is targeting entrepreneurs with a limited budget.

Compensation Plan

You start to receive $20 commissions immediately by recruiting others into the system, who are then put into your matrix and if they stay in business, you get a $7 recurring income. Empowerism uses a 6x9 matrix, so you get $1 for every renewal in your matrix and if you're the one that referred them you get $7 credited to you.

Empowerism is a trustworthy business no doubt and the creator has made it very easy to earn money. Almost anyone can walk in, plug in and begin recruiting. Use the latest tools and marketing know how and you're in business. But......

You Still Might Fail

The internet is ever changing and in this new environment you cannot hide behind a computer at home, today you need an attraction marketing system. You can forget your company replicated website, its no good.
This a network marketing company and as such only leadership sells.
If you choose to promote the Empowerism website or buy leads, you'll only end up branding Empowerism and that carries not much benefit for you.

This is the 21st century and the truth is you have to have your own system, your company can be shut down and they can even shut you down. It is imperative you have your own system and generate your own leads. Join Empowerism if you absolutely must but you'll need your own system to be in total control of your business.

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